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The major difference between virtual number and real number

The major difference between virtual number and real number


The advancement of technology has brought about a new system of communication known as the virtual phone number. Virtual numbers are special numbers that can be used for receiving SMS and voice calls but it does not require the use of a SIM card.

The word real number in this context connotes a SIM card phone number which is being traditionally used for a specific device or phone

numbers and real numbers are distinctively different from each other. Here are the features of our virtual number

  • Virtual numbers are cost-effective, unlike phone numbers which require an additional expense for maintenance and other expensive equipment.
  • Virtual numbers are flexible in the sense that they are not used with a specific device and address.
  • Physical phone providers charge for call forwarding while with virtual numbers there are no charges required for call forwarding.
  • Virtual numbers can be purchased and used anywhere in the world even though you are not physically present in that location. Whereas there is a geographical limitation in using a real number.
  • There is effective data backup while using a virtual phone number thereby minimizing the chances of losing one data, unlike real numbers service providers which can have technical issues at one point or the other and result in data loss.
  • In purchasing a virtual number there is little or no service commitment or contract unlike purchasing a real number from a local service provider.
  • For businesses, a real number can not be used in business directories outside the geographical location of the service provider but that is not the same with virtual numbers as they can be registered in business directories across the globe.
  • Virtual numbers are 100 percent digital and can be used with certain software platforms which can help in the automation of SMS text messages or calls but this is not possible with real numbers.
  • When using a real number for a long-distance phone call, the cost is usually high, unlike virtual numbers which can be used to make international calls at a cheap and affordable rate.
  • During cases of catastrophe and natural disasters, virtual numbers can be used for effective communications because physical phone connections might have been affected.
  • In areas without high-speed internet connections, real numbers will be more suitable than virtual numbers because virtual numbers can only be operated via an internet connection.
  • Businesses or organizations which constitute a majority of remote workers make use of virtual numbers often rather than real phone numbers.
  • For small and medium enterprises, virtual numbers can be used to establish their presence anywhere in the world without incurring so much cost.

Despite the difference between virtual numbers and real numbers, they are being used widely today by millions across the globe. However, they both operate almost the same way to achieve the goal of communication but the advent of technology has made virtual numbers stand out and much more in use. However, you can go with anyone that suits you depending on what you intend to achieve with it.


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