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A Virtual Number for Maintaining Your Privacy

A Virtual Number for Maintaining Your Privacy

Have you ever thought while signing up for some of the services that the data you are giving will remain safe or not? Because the more you sign up to the third party services more your data is at risk. We enter almost each of our details like personal email, ZIP code, or phone numbers. 

While for emails you do get a lot of options you can sign up with your business email and lot but for your phone number, you have to be careful. As through just one phone number anyone can get access to your phone.

Nowadays as a lot of different technologies are being introduced to the market a particular type of technology that has been introduced is the Virtual Phone number. 

A virtual phone number is no specifically for one device and it can easily redirect the call from one number to the other. A lot of new business owners and a lot of established ones now use these numbers to get in contact with their consumers. Thinking of getting a virtual phone number here are the details that you should know:

What Does Having the Virtual Number Mean?

Having a virtual phone number means that you can easily share that phone number with third parties or your consumers and still have your data private.

 A virtual phone number lets you protect your privacy at the same time help your consumer to call you. These types of numbers are also called burner numbers and are used through a second phone number app. So it is kind of you having 2 sims in one phone.

What Are the Cases When You Should Own A Virtual Number?

The situation, when you can go for the second phone numbers, are:

  • The separation between business and personal calls: If you are a business owner and you have a bulk amount of clients then having a virtual phone number is a good idea. It will help you keep your business life separated from your personal life. 
  • For your online Shops: whether you are an online shop owner or someone who is an avid online shopper it is always better to give them a 2nd phone number. Sharing your phone number with public or the online can create a risk of your data being exposed.
  • Online platforms: If you are signing up for an online platform that you are not so sure about then it is always better to refrain from giving your number.

Pros of Having the Virtual Number

Now you know some of the cases that you should get a virtual number for you should also know the pros of having a virtual number:

  • You can receive or call anyone from anyplace without being toed down to the location or network issues.
  • If you have multiple offices then you can easily reroute the call to the designated office
  • Lower costs and no problems in set up
  • Can easily communicate with your employees if they are away for some work
  • Saves you several thousand dollars that otherwise have been spent on the phone equipment
  • YOU get a wide variety of plans and get the advantage of choosing the package that suits your needs

Cons of Having the Virtual Number

Some possible drawbacks of the virtual phone number are:

  • Reliability is solely based on the internet connection. As these numbers are dependent upon the wifi you will have a problem if your wifi is not working.
  • You have to be very careful that you are not wasting your plan minute on some fake or null calls. Others wise it will lead you to spend more and more on the plans that may even wear out your budget.

From Where You Can Get the Virtual Number

Getting a Virtual telephone number is not a hassle. Nowadays you can find a lot of reliable dealers that can provide you with a variety of plans at low cost and good quality. Different packages include different features. 

For instance, for a low cost, you can get a virtual number along with some extensions and 300-400 minutes. While if you go up higher the quality is even better with a good amount of numbers.


Having a 2nd phone number has its pros ad cons but if you use this number wisely then you can enjoy just the pros. There are a lot of security threats present on the internet and for that, it is better to use these types of numbers as these guarantee the protection of your privacy.

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